Grapic / Deco Graphics & DECOs High tack with red MOPP liner, high shear and temperature resistance, bonding for plastic substrates, car mirror in automobile industry, excellent adhesion to rough surfaces. VIEW DETAILS Automotive Industry automotive industry Hongwei Global static cling solar film is highly plasticized vinyl materials which adhere to most clean smooth surfaces such as glass, window, and paint metal without use of pressure sensitive adhesives. VIEW DETAILS Bike Industry TUBELESS TAPE Tubeless Rim Tapes are available in a variety of materials, and it comes in various widths and thickness to fit different rim size. Package is customized! VIEW DETAILS Security Solutions Security solutions Void Labels identifies a compromised item by leaving a message on both the label and item that it is adhered to. The label can be printed with custom messages, logos, or images which provides additional security. VIEW DETAILS
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